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Presenting our workshop, Activate! Creating Art that Changes the World, as part of Lake FX Chicago presented by Google.

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Professional Development

Activate!© Training Series

For Teachers


Are you a teacher? Looking for a way to reignite the fire you had when you first began? Or do you simply need to fan the flame? 


Or are you an administrator looking for ways to inspire your students and staff? 


We are committed to sharing concepts and ideas that get to the heart of teaching and that are grounded in research. We begin by listening to educators and administrators and assessing their needs and then we develop a plan to help them move into the future. Our trainings are led by experienced teachers and/or teaching artists who are leaders in innovative teaching and arts integration. Our trainings are unique because we believe in starting with the end product in mind- the children. 


Our premiere training:

Activate! Creating Teachers that Change the World

(Innovative Teaching and Arts Integration)


The training will cover:


• Integrating 21st Century Learning Skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication)

• Your personal passions and how you can incorporate them effectively into your classroom

• How to create and implement an interdisciplinary project based learning project

• What to expect and how to manage a project-based learning environment

• An arts project that teaches empathy and sensitivity



Why TJA?

Customized Trainings 

Our experienced team of literacy consultants start by working with administrators to nail down the specific needs. From there, we help craft a training and implementation plan that moves the school or district toward achieving its professional development goals.


Cost effective

With on-site training from Tye Johnson Artistry, schools and districts can provide professional development for an entire staff spending substantially less than it would cost to send large groups of teachers to a conference. Depending on the consultant and travel required, most one-day trainings cost less than $2,000.


On-site or in our studio

You decide! If your staff needs a break from the norm and a chance to collaborate in a creative environment, our studio is located in the fabulous Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, a convenient location with free parking. Alternatively, we can come to your school and practice being creative in your environment!




For Everyone


Art, in all its forms, has the ability to connect with hearts and minds. For centuries, art has been a primary vehicle for social change movements because of its ability to reach audiences from a variety of backgrounds. How do we move beyond technique to create art that empowers, is a voice for the voiceless, and exposes while taking action against societal ills? This workshop will address these questions and provide space for participants to think about their current practices and make a game plan for the future. Participants will also create a simple piece of art that they will use to empower others.


Our premiere training:

Activate! Creativity that Changes the World



The presentation/workshop will cover:


• Social movements throughout history

• Social justice issues

• Your personal passions and how you can incorporate them effectively into your life and/or art

• Empathy and sensitivity 


Why TJA?

Cost effective

Speaker/workshop prices vary. 


On-site or in our studio

You decide! Join us wherever we go! Check out our calendar to sign up for upcoming workshops or contact us to schedule a workshop for your group.


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